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About Eugene Struthers
About: Eugene Struthers
Experience: Check out my Resume
Why hire me: Key benefits to hiring me
My approach: My process
Eugene Struthers Services

1) Services: Copywriting

2) Services: Content writing

3) Services: Web content editing

4) Services: SEO content writing

5) Services: Website SEO Audit

6) Services: Digital & Social Media Marketing

7) Services: Press releases, Newsletters

8) Services: Proofreading and Editing

1) Portfolio: Website Copywriting

2) Portfolio: Blogging and article writing

3) Portfolio: Email Marketing

4) Portfolio: Case studies and Interviews 

5) Portfolio: Marketing brochures

6) Portfolio: White papers, Guides, offers

7) Portfolio: Advertising Copywriting

8) Portfolio: Digital & Social Media Marketing


Eugene Struthers Portfolio
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A masterclass website promotion banner portrait image for the author James Patterson's, learn to write a best seller course.
A masterclass website promotion banner image portrait of photographer Annie Leibovitz's, learn the art of photography course.
Vintage black medium format camera with a flash, a black hat with a white press card in the front with a notepad and pen
Clip art image of a newspaper with the main title News written in black as a header.
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Mobile: (+44) 07733117207
England, United Kingdom
Qualified & Accredited
Journalist, Proofreader and editor, Copywriter, Web editor,
SEO, Digital and Social media Marketing
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