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This is a list of the most commonly asked questions I get from prospective clients.   


My Journalism, Proofreading & editing, Copywriting, Web editing, and Google SEO qualifications are recognised by these companies:
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  • Are you qualified and experienced to offer these services?
    I have been a qualified and accredited journalist since 1998. To get a broad understanding of my qualifications, education and experience. Please check out my Resume for more details.
  • My company isn't in Lancashire or the UK. How do we work together?
    Modern technology has allowed me to work with individuals and companies all around the world. All you need is an internet connection and a webcam.
  • I have never worked with a Freelancer before. What is your process?
    Contact is made via the contacts page / email (contact form) or by phone. We will arrange a suitable time/date to have a basic discussion via (phone, Zoom, Teams or Skype) of your requirements. Once you are happy with what I can offer. I will then send you a brief. Once the brief has been completed, and you have answered all my questions. I will then send you a contract, which requires a 30% deposit up front before any work is started. Once the contract is signed and deposit paid. I will start working with you to complete the requested task. My action plan will detail start and end dates and any deadlines. It will summarise all the details in the brief and outline all your requirements To further outline the finer details. I will perhaps have a few more online chats, webcam creative meeting sessions with you. I will then send over a copy of the first draft, to verify if what has been covered in the briefing meets up to your desired specific expectations. I will re-edit and craft the final copy. I will then hand over the final completed polished copy. You then have 14 days to pay me the outstanding balance. I hold full copyright until the final payment has been received.
  • Do you have a breakdown of your costs and charges?
    To fully understanding all my costs and charges. I have created a dedicated Rates page. Check out my Rates page to get a breakdown of all my costs and charges.
  • What is your availability?
    Depending on your Time zone. I am usually available at short notice. To set realistic expectations. I will try to get back to prospective clients within 24 hours. I only work with three clients at one time. So you can book me to complete a set creative task with a future deadline. Depending on your current immediate requirements, I may be able to accommodate your urgent needs based on my current workload. I may require a 50% deposit be paid upfront for all urgent jobs.
  • How long will it take to write my copy?
    This depends on the type of work required: Journalism, Copywriting, Web editing, Proofreading & editing or Google SEO. The length and style, subject, research required etc. As a basic guide, I usually work to this timescale 0 - 2000 words (2 days), 2001 - 5000 words (2 days), 5001 - 10000 words (3 days), 10001 - 15000 words (4 days), and 15001 - 50000 words (6 days). I will outline the time scale in the Terms & Conditions of the contract.
  • Do you require a deposit?
    A 30% deposit is required before I start any work.
  • What is your lead time?
    The time from the receipt of a customer order to the delivery of the finished product. This depends on a number of factors. All of these factors will be outlined in our initial discussion. Each inidividual job has its own lead time depending on the clients requirements and deadline.
  • What information will you need from me?
    I will require you to complete my 50 question Copywriting brief outlining your requirements. Check out this guide: Click: A guide to completing my copywriting bri | eugenestruthers Information about your business: business name, website URL, products/services. Objectives: what is the purpose of this piece? Your company values: A broad topic but very important piece of information that ensures we get it right. Your brand personality: This helps us understand the tone and style to use for your copy. You could describe using three to five words or even describe it in detail. Problems you solve: What are some of the pain points your customers face? How does your product/service solve these problems? Competition: This helps us to understand what your competitors are up to, so we can position your brand differently. Demographics: Who are your target audience, what do they do, what interests them, what tone of voice should we use to engage them? The detailed the information, the better. Keywords: If you want us to incorporate a target keyword in the copy, be sure to let us know which keywords you want to optimise for. Your USP: What sets you apart from the competition? We will leverage this information to create a winning copy. Call to action: what action do you want your readers to take at the end of the copy? And loads more information, images, videos, podcast etc.
  • How would you do a product/service review?
    I would draw on my knowledge and broad level of experience to create a carefully crafted comprehensive review according to your specific requirements. This may come in the form of written content with images and video, a blog or a vlog that can be presented on a website, YouTube and other media formats. To enable me to give a fully independent review. I will need to have the product sent to me. All sample products will be sent back after the review. Service reviews will require your office booking me in to conduct a service review, or reimbursing me for my expenses for conducting the review. Your office will need to outline the budget restrictions with me before I do this type of review. It is in my interest to maintain TOTAL Confidentiality for all my clients. I adhere to the strictest confidentiality guidelines and governance as laid out by the Law Society. Law Society: lpp-and-client-confidentiality I will adhere to all embargoes placed on a product or service. So that all information is kept confidential until a specified date and time. All product/service reviews will need to have my name associated with the review.
  • What about confidentiality?
    I often write about commercially sensitive or confidential topics, such as content for a product or service launch with a publication embargo. I will guarantee to maintain total confidentiality when writing such material, and I’m more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Law Society:
  • Will I own the "Copyright" to the work you do for me?"
    Once the final deposit has been paid, you will have complete Copyright ownership of the completed work.
  • Can you work at my premises?
    I am more than happy to work at you premises as long as my travel expenses are reimbursed.
  • Do you offer other creative services?
    I currently also offer a full photography, video and image editing service. All images are edited using Photoshop CS, videos are edited using Adobe Premiere Pro 2020.
  • What are the "Terms of your business"?"
    The terms of my business are: Terms & Conditions
  • Do you have any knowledge of my sector or industry?
    I have a broad knowledge and a qualified working understanding of various sectors. The mark of a great accredited and certified writer / Copywriter / content creator is one’s ability to be adaptable to new environments and requirements. My extensive research allows me to be flexible and adaptable to new sectors or industries.
  • Why don't you charge per hour?
    To enable me to fully commit to a specific set of requirements. I will first need to do loads of research and outline the core requirements. Conducting this and meeting your basic requirements will usually require being paid for a full day’s work of 9 hours. To gain a full understanding of what I charge. Please check out my Fees & Charges.
  • What if I don't like the first draft?
    I work according to your specific requirements. It is in my interest to keep my clients happy at all times. To eliminate issues from developing. I have devised a 50 question Brief, which all my clients must fill in before I will work with them. This outlines the finer details which I need in order to complete all copy successfully. Clients are responsible for all information given. I am more than happy to create content which meets the client’s specific requirements. A guide to completing my copywriting brief:
  • Why do I have to sign a contract?
    To eliminate time waster. I will require a signed contract and a 30% deposit before I will start any work for you. The signed contract is a legal agreement between both parties. It clarifies what the Terms and Conditions are, so that each party is compliant and meet the set requirements according to the predetermined deadline specified. A signed contract enforces a strict code of conduct for both parties to adhere to. Breaking the terms of the contract could result in the 30% deposit being forfeited.
  • Do you offer a photography service?
    I also offer a full photography service as a qualified photography. I am more than happy to edit all images according to your requirements for a set fee. Furthermore, I am able to set up a portable professional studio at your premises. All images are edited using Photoshop 2024. Click: Photography-services, Wedding photography service
  • Do you have a patreon account, so we can support your website?"
    My patreon account is:
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