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Why start a blog for your copywriting                   website business

Eugene Struthers 

17 March 2023 Re: Client Tags: blog

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Why start a blog for your website copywriting business

If you want your business to grow, a blog is an important tool, and a blog copywriter can help you to achieve success.


A blog copywriter can enrich your content with emotion and create stories an audience will read and react to.


An audience wants to learn about how your product or service can help them overcome an obstacle or resolve a problem they may have.


Having a website is not enough to stand out and compete in a highly competitive market. A blog carries a friendly and approachable voice.


Each blog “niche” post can potentially be indexed within search engines. And instead of relying on just the core website pages to promote your business. Your blog posts will increase a business’s visibility and deliver traffic back to the main website.


A blog allows a business to create a niche area of topics that are specific to the services and products they offer. Example: The GoPro Pro action camera website, promotes and sells the features and benefits of having the action camera. The website doesn’t go into the specifics of what are the best settings for different scenarios. Their blog goes into more specific finer details about the GoPro audio and the best settings for low light situations.


You might write a blog to generate more traffic to your website, raise your profile, boost your authority, gain more clients, and get closer to your existing clients.


A blog reader isn’t interested in your business objectives or your personal aims. They don’t want to hear about your promotional message and sales pitches. They want to know what is in it for them, how you can solve their problems and provide a solution and make them happier. A blog that is written to educate and inspire your favourite reader, to solve their problems, and to make them more successful and happier. That is when a blog will become a must-read


A business blog is a marketing channel in its own right and it can provide you with an ongoing source of leads for a very low cost.


​Entrepreneurs are always interested to know how a copywriter can increase their business success. A blog is one of the tools a copywriter will use to help a business achieve this.


Employing the service of a copywriter or web content writer will help you to achieve success by saving you time and money, increasing your visibility, building trust, and driving organic traffic to your website. Using the services of a copywriter is a worthwhile investment and a major key to the success of your business, and it will give your business a constant online presence.





Why your business needs a copywriter to write your blog

The 9 main reasons why business blogging is worth the investment:

  • Get free traffic to your website & and increase sales


A blog is an ideal match for any business seeking a cost-effective way to drive organic “free” traffic to its website. Blogging and posting relevant content is an incredibly useful tool to increase traffic to your website, products, and services. Having a good solid reputation is important to any business, and blogging is an essential investment that allows a business to share its own unique perspective with its audience in a new way.


  • Increase SEO ranking, attract new clients


The main benefit of a blog to any business is the positive impact it will have on visibility. All search engines love fresh content and search engine optimization is key to being found online. Producing the right up-to-date content, and relevant keywords in your blog will increase the website ranking on any search engine. The use of a carefully crafted SEO strategy like keywords, titles, Meta descriptions, and loads more, will increase the chances of a blog being found much quicker.


Blog posts can become a powerful tool for gaining visibility for your brand. And every new blog you post adds a new page to your existing website's content. Keep your website fresh and current. This helps SEO immensely as it gives Google and other search engines a reason to re-crawl your website to find new content to index.


  • Build trust, boost, credibility, and reputation


Building a credible and trusted reputation is essential for any business. It is a non-negotiable basic requirement in order to give the impression that your business is authentic.


A popular widely shared blog post can have a dramatic effect on where your site appears on Google. Which directly affects the quantity and quality of leads your business will receive.


Google has a ranking score based on the website EAT (Experience, Authority, and Trust). The more accurate the information “content” and overall experience a customer has. The better the ranking score within search engines. The easier the main website is found.




  • A blog can advertise for free


Content marketing and blogging is a fantastic way to keep your marketing going for free. If done correctly it will bring in more leads and more revenue than any paid advertising ever could.


 Research has shown that 80% of businesses prefer to have an advertisement in the form of a series of articles instead of the traditional “buy now” agenda.


60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers than by their own conventional advertising methods. Each time your blog is shared on social media, this is another piece of free marketing for your business.


  • Help promote your business on social media “increase visibility”


When linked in with social media, a blog post is a great tool for creating a stream of website traffic, growing an audience, and introducing new prospective customers to your brand's services and products. Social media is a valuable tool, which allows a business free reign on their own self-promotion and advertising. Social media is an excellent platform from which to drive traffic to your blog. It creates an abundance of connections and a fresh new network of loyal visitors. Which the business can convert into customers.


Linking a blog with a social media platform will turn a casual reader into a loyal fan and possibly a customer. Email subscribers are more likely a business’s biggest fans.


A blog gives your company a voice. It creates a platform from which to talk and launch new services, products and comment on timely news topics or market trends, and share company initiatives beyond the website


A blog builds confidence, relationships, and sales. Customers will look to you as a reliable source for information in your industry, then they will come to buy from you. Social media allows the blog to shine and lets the general public see the brand's personality, letting the public know what your business is all about.


Having a blog and linking it with social media will make the business think about newsworthy topics, the type of industry the business is in, the type of customers they have, and the international world stage in which they play a part.


Blogging via social media is a two-way conversation directly with a business’s customers, prospects, and industry peers. It is an easy-to-use platform for connecting with and sharing timely and relevant information with customers. It is a direct communication channel to the general public that is not aware of the business's brand, product, or service.


It encourages interaction, comments, and feedback. Once content from the blog is shared on social media it builds awareness of the business, and those that share it become the advocates for the business. Each time it is subsequently shared is another piece of free marketing for your business.



  • Maintain market strategy (How a business will reach its target audience “multimedia”)


A marketing strategy refers to a business's overall objectives for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into customers of their products or services.


The marketing strategy should revolve around the company’s value proposition. This is the intent, its core message to the customer, telling them what their company stands for, how it functions and operates, and why they should be their loyal customers).


This should highlight the key brand message, specific data on target customer demographics, and the 4P which are Product (the goods or services), Price (what the customer pays), Promotion (the advertising), and Place (where the product or services is marketed.


The main goal of a marketing strategy is to achieve and communicate a long-term sustainable competitive advantage over rival companies.


A blog will come in handy when promoting your business in a very competitive market. It helps with the multimedia representation of your company, keeps the consumer/audience interested, and promotes the company's brand.


Getting the right quality and quantity of content to the right audience can be a burdensome process. And without the right marketing strategies, a trial and error method would be your only option.


The core fundamentals of a perfect marketing strategy should be:

Social media, Blogging, SEO, Leveraging influencers, Facebook, LinkedIn, An affiliate program, Email marketing sequences, Video tutorials, Lead magnet...



  • Drive online engagement


Understand your audience and how you can help them.


Establish who your audience is, and how you can help them.


An example of a B2B blog could be:


My blog helps businesses that want to get more customers.



  • Create blog content that creates repeat visitors


Create an excellent user experience to improve repeat returns. Have a clear message on why your blog exists and how it can help them. 

Be interactive, use appealing images and relevant factual content that inspires and is unique and current. Simplify your navigation, fix broken links, update old content, and remove outdated content. Structure the content so pages load faster and key information is found more easily.



  • Publish content that is spread worldwide

Define yourself as having factual accurate date detailed content. Use original imagery not seen elsewhere on the web. Create a unique design and layout for your posts. Add an easy-to-use navigation system. Add a modern interactive user-friendly menu and modern updated applications.


  • Create the right headlines


The success of your content depends on having a great headline. A carefully crafted and defined headline can captivate and draw in the right audience. Without a great headline, no one will read your content and all your research and hard work will be for nothing.


84% of customers/audience read the content based purely on the title and the headline.


“Your headline is a promise and your content better deliver!”


  • Form connections with other bloggers


Mention other bloggers when backing up facts and points. Never mention other bloggers for the sake of it. Always let other bloggers know when you are going to mention them in your content. Never let other bloggers feel obligated to reciprocate the favour in return by mentioning their name in your blog.


  • Be trendy, write newsworthy topics


Don’t just churn out content for the sake of it. Seek out the latest trends and be the first to write about newsworthy content. Be original and engaging, thought-provoking, and define your own unique style. Keep your audience captivated and guessing what you will write about next. Keep up to date on industry trends


  • Publish content regularly, be consistent


Posting frequently is one of the most important factors to establish and encourage regular engagement from your audience. Posting content consistently without fail on a regular basis will establish your credibility and build brand loyalty. Keep the balance between the content length, quality, and frequency. Then your readers will constantly follow your blog posts.


  • Publish different types of content


Be innovative and original. Publish content via different multimedia formats.


This could include:


Frequently asked questions FAQs, Interviews, Podcasts, Videos, Vlog, tutorials, listicles, checklists, industry news, infographics, current events, case studies, inspirational stories, product reviews, comparison posts, resources, problems and solutions, behind-the-scenes, surveys and polls, presentation and sideshows, contest and give-aways, event summaries, beginner guides, guest posts, expert roundups, monthly stats and progress reports, preview posts, charity awareness, recycle old content – just to mention a few.


  • Offer something for free


Statistics show that 84% of visitors never return.


So how do fix this issue?


The most effective solution is to offer a free download in the form of an eBook, template, check-list, discount code, one month’s subscription etc. in exchange for their email address.


This will enable your business to maintain a constant correspondence with them and reignite their interest by introducing them to the newly uploaded content.


As a subscriber, they then become aware of your presence and subsequently re-enter the main website via the blog to browse and perhaps purchase a product or service.


  • Ask questions


Creating the right questions encourages engagement from your audience and is key to being inspiring and keeping your audience interested. When and where to ask your questions is pivotal to gaining a sustainable and loyal following from customers who need that question answered. And they know that your business is the only one they trust to gain the answer from.


Asking questions is a perfect opportunity for a business to do its own market research on a particular brand, service, or product that they are not quite sure about launching. It helps with product and service development.


Asking questions is a form of free-market research and can even be done anonymously.


Every question should have a detailed explanation with everyday practical inspirational useful examples. Highlighting why the question needed to be asked in the first place.  



  • Actively respond to comments


Having a comments section on your blog encourages more engagement and gives your business the opportunity to respond immediately to your audience's concerns.


It can be difficult to manage, as your blog grows. But a comments section will let your business know what your readers think of you and you will learn more about your readers and what makes them tick. 


It forms an honest meaningful connection between the business and your audience. It is a great way to get feedback on a product or service. As the ones commenting are usually the brand ambassadors and your core loyal supporters. They will usually advise you straight off the bat if your product or service isn't up to score.



  • Network with other bloggers in your niche


To increase engagement with your audience, network and build relationships with fellow bloggers. Establish a connection by leaving advice and comments on other blogs within the same niche business as yourself.


  • Establish a presence on forums and social networks


To establish and maintain an online presence and be up to date with current trends and all the latest news. Your blog needs to form long-term relationships with specific communities, forums, and social networks where your target audience hangs out. This will assist in creating trust, credibility, and influence within these sectors, rather than just dropping links into them to get your content on their website.


  • Guest blogging


Writing a top-notch post as a guest on another blog, regardless of whether your business links to it or not. Is a sure perfect way to get instant exposure to targeted traffic flowing to your own site once it goes live.



Guest blogging helps boost a business’s credibility, gain valuable links, and increase subscribers.


Articles and content that link back to the business's blog from highly valued and creditable blogs and websites only reinforce the reputation, authority, and credibility of the blog it is being backlinked to. Make your blog an authoritative voice in your industry. 


A blog is a great way to humanize a company, give a brand a personality, and essentially build a loyal fan following. A guest blog is a great way to create a persona that customers can relate to and identify with. Customers who would otherwise never know your brand existed, if they weren’t introduced to your content via the main blog they follow.


  • Establish authority


Being known as an expert in your industry can really help elevate your company's profile and improve its reputation. Writing a blog for your business is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Publishing content that is professional, inspirational, informative, and helpful via a blog on a regular basis, will make your business blog the go-to blog in your niche.


 A well-written and crafted blog will give your visitors a reason to revisit your site. A business that seeks to engage more with its customers or bring back customers to its website. Should create a blog. It will help nurture client relations and create loyal ambassadors that will fully promote your brand “services & products”.



What to write in a business blog

The main challenge for businesses that want to write a blog, is knowing what interests their customers. Is the blog created to inspire, inform, educate or resolve a specific problem that has not been covered on the main website?


What to write in a business blog?


  • Case studies

  • How to guides

  • FAQ

  • Customer success stories

  • Business guest blog posts

  • Testimonials

  • Business articles about new developments

  • Company updates, new services or products, new staff

  • Technical manuals, installation guides

  • Industry updates software/firmware updates


Save time and money, be fully understood, build brand trust and awareness, be seen online, increase traffic, generate greater engagement, and achieve a higher conversion rate with a business blog written by a copywriting specialist.

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