Having a qualified and experienced creative copywriter, web content editor, journalist, Proofreader & editor, and SEO specialist is key to your success and is vital to you achieving your long term goals and brand recognition.


As a fully qualified and experienced writer, I can offer you the following services: 

2002 - present


Writing feature & News articles for different multimedia platforms. Conducting unbiased and ethical reporting. Researching articles. Copy presentation and terminology. Notebook & record keeping. Maintaining contacts. Sources and output. Using a style guide. Consumer & B2B magazines. Interviewing. News writing techniques. IPSO. Conducting intensive research. Press releases, Handouts, and reports. Press conferences, Meetings, and events. Media law. Investigative journalism techniques. Proofreading & Editing.


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Experienced: Media law: Copyright, Trademark, Libel, Contempt of court, Sexual offenses, and Youth anonymity laws. IPSO: Independent Press Standards Organisation.

Full member: Chartered Institute of Journalists.

Web content editor

The content editor creates targeted content that is professionally presented, is interactive, and increases engagement. Has great webpage accessibility. Solid site building blocks with perfect webpage essentials. Is legally compliant, Use CMS platforms to upload content. Analyzing SEO reports to ensure the content is found, is relevant and accurate. Content editors support marketing campaigns via social media, email, websites, blogs. Involved in the "Creation to publishing process".


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Experienced:  Style guides, Clarity, HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS, Mailchimp, Accessibility Guidelines, SEO, Google analytics, Articles in magazines, blogs, website content, ebooks, tutorials, etc ...

Proofreading & Editing

Proofreading & editing: Websites, Business documentation, books, articles, blog, dissertation, essay, etc. Checking for: Grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage, sentence structure syntax issues, capitalization, tense issues, plagiarism, facts & figures, consistency, readability, language usage. Performing Deep edit techniques: Content, Structure, Style, and Presentation.


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Experienced: Oxford/Harvard style guide, Checking accuracy & facts, Academic editing, Legal checks, References, Appendices, Indexes, Proofreading, and editing on  Paper and computer.

Copywriting service

Includes: Researching your subject. Dealing with the terminology and jargon. Writing: Effective headings, Creating landing pages, Advertising content, Direct mail, Press releases, Sales pitches, presentations, proposals, Articles for SEO, Social media and blogs, advertising promotional materials. Legal checks. Copywriters are responsible for the text on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogues, press releases, and loads more.


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Experienced: Annual reports, Websites, Sale brochures, Online content, Newsletters, Press releases, Case studies

White papers, and a lot more


Search Engine optimisation 

A Google SEO specialist service includes Web coding, Website structure & analysis, Onpage SEO & Metadata, SEO friendly content, Backlinking, link builds, SEO page speed & UX, Mobile SEO, Off-page SEO, Social media & Marketing, Keyword research, Create backlinks, Lift search rankings, Raise organic search traffic, increase conversion, Product & image optimisation, Analytics & ongoing strategies


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Experienced: On-Page performance, Accessibility ratings, Best-practice scores, Overall SEO factors, Server speed test, Link Assessment, Link Trust analysis, Blacklist Check, On-Page SEO, Social Media profile, Internal Architecture, Keyword research, User behaviour data, Reporting, and insights, Google analytics


Digital marketing

Website analytics and conversion, tracking, User behavior, CRM, Email marketing, Digital marketing automation, websites, databases, SEO, Ranking, Keyword searches, links, engagement, Search engine advertising, Content marketing, Social media marketing & optimization, Social media advertising, display advertising, Video marketing & advertising, Mobile marketing, Application optimisation,.


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Experienced: Mailchimp, ahrefs, Google analytics, CRM, 

Google search console, hotjar, Buffer, Hootsuite.

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