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Bookkeeping service


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If you require a qualified and accredited Accounts payroll & Bookkeeper on a contract or full time basis.


Please feel free to contact me directly via this website on:- 

Telephone no:- 01772 301908

Mobile:- 07733117207


or via my private


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I work closely with all my clients to make sure they get the optimum results from the services I provide. I am happy to work on an “Ad Hoc” basis either at the client's premises or at my own.



My key services are as follows:


  • General Administration

  • Manual Bookkeeping/Accounts

  • Computerised Bookkeeping/Accounts

  • Vat Returns

  • Profit & Loss

  • Liaising with Suppliers and Customers

  • Liaising with Banks, Accountants, and HMRC

  • Payroll & RTI

  • Tax Returns

  • Bank Reconciliation


As a fully qualified and accredited Bookkeeper I work closely to modern Bookkeeping standards, procedures, and practices and adhere to strict Money Laundering and Data protection policies, and I pride myself on behaving and working in an ethical manner.

Bookkeeper for hire

Bookkeeping Services

Sage Accounts

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Qualified Accounts payroll & Bookkeeper for hire. 


I currently hold accredited Higher National Diploma's and certificates in:- 

1) Practical bookkeeping & accounts Distinction 92%   (Level 3)
2) Proficient bookkeeping Distinction 93%   (Level 4)
3) Accounting in business & management 84%  (Level 4)
4) Official Sage computerised Payroll Level 1 & 2 Certificates
5) Sage 2014 Accounts Certificate recognised by the IAB and CPD certified

6) International Honours graduate Diploma:- Business Accounting (Level 5)
7) Business E
conomics & Commerce 87%  (Level 4)

Full member of the International Association of Bookkeepers

Full member of the Institute of Financial accountant's 

Accounting & Payroll

Module 1 - Introduction

Introduction to Sage

Module 2 - Navigating around Sage

Navigating around Sage

Accessing the Demonstration data

Changing the view of your Sage screen

Module 3 - Chart of Accounts

Introduction to Chart of Accounts

Editing the Chart of Accounts

Checking your Chart of Accounts

Module 4 - Setting up Nominal Codes

Introduction to Nominal Code

Editing Nominal Codes/Record

Creating new Nominal Codes/Record

Deleting a Nominal Code/Record

Editing the default layout of Accounts

Editing a new Chart of Accounts

Module 5 - Opening Balances

Introduction to Setting up Opening Balances

Accessing the Opening Balances wizard

Entering Opening Balances

Module 6 - Customers

Setting up Customer Records

Setting up a customer record from a blank


Entering Customer Invoices

Creating Credit Notes

Checking your customer activity

Setting up your Customer Defaults

Module 7 - Supplier Notes

Setting up Supplier Records

Entering Supplier Invoices

Entering Credit Notes

Checking your supplier activity

Setting up Supplier Defaults

Module 8 - Products Notes

Setting up a product record using a wizard

Setting up a Product record using a blank


Planning a Stock Take

Adjusting stock levels during the year

Stock shortfall facility

Bill of Materials

Stock Transfer

Stock Returns

Stock Reports

Module 9 - Sales Invoices

Creating a Product Invoice

Adding a message line to an Invoice

Creating a Service Invoice

Mixing Product and Service Invoices

Editing an Invoice

Printing an Invoice

Updating an Invoice

Credit Notes

Cash Sales

Module 10 - Bank

Setting up a new bank account

Opening an new bank account using a blank record

Allocating a customer receipt

Allocating a supplier payment

Allocating credit notes

Recording Bank Receipts

Bank Payments

Bank Transfers

Recurring Transactions

Setting up your Cash Register

Petty Cash

Module 11 - Projects

Setting up a new project using the Wizard

Setting up a project from a blank project record

Adding resources to a project

Understanding Project Costs

Stock issues to a project

Amending stock allocations to a project

Project charges

Project Credits

Checking project activity

Module 12 - Sales Order Processing

Checking your default settings

Creating a quotation

Creating a sales order

Despatching your order

Using the despatch notes icon

Creating an invoice from an order

Cancelling Sales Orders

Shortfall Generator

Cash Sales

Module 13 - Purchase Order Processing

Creating a Purchase Order

Placing your goods on order


Sage Payroll

Completing your Purchase Order

Goods Received

Creating an Invoice from an Order

Printing your Purchase Order

Deleting a Purchase order

Module 14 - Foreign Currency

Setting up the foreign trader wizard

Setting up currencies and exchange rates

Setting up foreign accounts

Creating a customer invoice-credit-order for a foreign customer

Receiving money from a foreign customer

Entering a purchase invoice from a foreign supplier

Bank transfer

Revaluation wizard

Module 15 - Bank Reconciliation

Introduction to Bank Reconciliation

How to do a bank reconciliation using Sage

Un-presented cheques

Reconciling a Credit Card Account

Module 16 - Monthly Reports

Trial Balance

Profit and Loss report

Balance Sheet

Aged Debtor report

Aged Creditor report

Nominal Activity report

Daybook reports

Module 17 - Monthly Routines

Introduction to Monthly Routines




Entering Journals

Checking Stock

Run the Profit and Loss Account

Module 18 - VAT

Introduction to VAT Return

Running a VAT Return

Other VAT schemes


Module 19 - Maintenance and Corrections

Checking your data

Searching for a record

Backing up Data


Sage 50 Computerised Payroll Level One

Sage 50 Computerised Payroll Level Two

Sage 50 Payroll Installation Instructions

Screenshots, Tasks and Activities

Setting Up a New Company in Sage Payroll

Using Sage 50 Payroll

The Scenario – Company Details

The Company Settings in Sage Payroll

Pay Elements and Pay Deductions

Creating Employee Records in Sage Payroll

Automatic Enrolment and Company Pensions

Processing the Sage Payroll April 2014 Weekly

and Monthly

The Government Gateway

Real Time Information (RTI)

The Employer Alignment Submission (EAS)

Processing the Payroll Under RTI

Period End Reports – the P32 in Sage Payroll

Processing Sage Payroll Including Starters and Leavers

Addressing Problems and the Correction of

Errors Using RTI

Management Information Reports

Glossary of Payroll Terms

Sage 50 Payroll Installation Instructions

Screenshots, Tasks and Activities

Creating a New Company in Sage Payroll

Using Sage 50 Payroll

The Scenario – Company Details

The Company Settings in Sage Payroll

Pay Elements Pay Deductions and Company Loans

Creating Employee Records in Sage Payroll

Company Pension Schemes

Processing the Sage Payroll April 2014 Weekly

and Monthly

The Government Gateway

Real Time Information (RTI)

The Employer Alignment Submission (EAS)

The Full Payment Submission (FPS)

e-Submissions Log and IR Secure Mailbox

Processing the Payroll Under RTI

Processing Sage Payroll May 2014 Starters and Leavers

Statutory Sick PayRecording SSP - Making Up the Basic Pay and

Processing SMP

Period End Reports – the P32 in Sage


The Employer Payment Summary (EPS)

The True Cost of Wages

Attachment of Earnings Orders and

Deductions of

Earnings Orders

Addressing Problems and the

Correction of Errors Using RTI

Opt In – Join the Pension Scheme

The Use of Rollback

RTI Submission Types – A Review

Reports in Sage 50 Payroll

The Year End and RTI – 2014/2015

Data Security

Glossary of Payroll Terms

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