Why start a blog for your website copywriting business

Having a website is not enough to stand out and compete in a highly competitive market.

Employing the service of a copywriter or web content writer will help you to achieve success by saving you time and money, increase your visibility, build trust and drive organic traffic to your website.

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Why your business needs a Copywriter to write your blog

The 7 main reasons why business blogging is worth the investment:

  • Get free traffic to your website & increase sales

  • Increase SEO ranking, attract new clients

  • Build trust, boost authority, credibility, and reputation

  • A blog can advertise for free

  • Help promote your business on social media “increase visibility”

  • Maintain market strategy (How a business will reach its target audience “multimedia”)

  • Drive on-online engagement


What to write in a business blog


The main challenge for businesses that want to write a blog, is knowing what interests their customers. Is the blog created to inspire, inform, educate or resolve a specific problem that has not been covered on the main website?


What to write in a business blog?


  • Case studies

  • How to guides

  • FAQ

  • Customer success stories

  • Business guest blog posts

  • Testimonials

  • Business articles about new developments

  • Company updates, new services or products, new staff

  • Technical manuals, installation guides

  • Industry updates software/firmware updates


Save time & money, be fully understood, build brand trust and awareness, be seen online, increase traffic, generate greater engagement, and achieve a higher conversion rate with a business blog written by a copywriting specialist.


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